What is the Most User-Friendly CRM?

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Marketing

A CRM, also known as a Customer Relationship Management system, can do wonders for a company and its sales process. It can increase the number of sales made, response times, customer service and retention, as well as provide information on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. However, it is important to ensure that a CRM is easy to work with. If it is not user-friendly, companies might not experience all of the benefits that it could offer.

In this article, we will discuss what to look for in an easy-to-use CRM, as well as answer the question; “what is the most user-friendly CRM”?

Which CRM is Easiest to Use?

We could tell you which CRM is the easiest one to use (it is Leadtrekker by the way); or we could explain to you what to look for when searching for a CRM that is easy to use.

  • Dashboard: Ensure that the CRM you choose has a dashboard that has been laid out intrinsically and is easy to navigate. You should clearly be able to see where to “go” to perform the desired action.
  • Integrations: A CRM should be able to easily integrate with systems and software such as Google Ads, WordPress, Meta, Drupal, PHP and more. This will allow you to easily connect the CRM with your website and other necessary systems. You will therefore be able to track your leads accurately from any place of origin.
  • Centralised Information: A CRM should have a centralised base of information where users can access data and client-relevant information. This should be easy to access and one should be able to navigate to the required data quickly.
  • Notifications: Notifications should be easy to set up and should be able to go out to salespeople as well as leads. This will buy salespeople some extra time and make it easier to manage leads. 
  • Automation: The automation of lead assignments, lead notifications, and lead communication should be easy to set up. It shouldn’t take hours of training and implementation, but rather be something that is quick and easy.

What is the Easiest CRM to Learn?

Just because a CRM makes your life easier and is easy to work with, does not mean that it is easy to learn how to work with it. If you have never in your life worked with a CRM before, it could be difficult to adjust. This is why it is important to ensure that the CRM you choose, is easy to learn. This will allow you to use its features to the fullest from day one, instead of only experiencing half of the benefits, or potentially paying for more than you use.

Leadtrekker is a simple CRM that was built for the struggles that South African businesses face. It is easy to learn and provides users with full access support at all times. This ensures that should you struggle with anything (which is unlikely), you will be able to receive a prompt answer from an expert.

Contact Leadtrekker to book a demo and see how truly easy it is to use; or simply sign up for our 30-day FREE trial (you don’t even need to give away your card details).

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