Why You Need to Know Where Your Leads Come From

Most companies have multiple platforms from which they get their leads. Marketing efforts may come in the form of phone calls, SMSs, emails, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Knowing where your business is generating the most leads from is extraordinarily important information to have. Here is how Leadtrekker not only makes this possible but streamlines the process for you.

Conveniently accessible and customisable

If you are attempting to capture leads without having a designated place for them to go and be accessible from, this can cause a great deal of inconvenience. Leadtrekker conveniently puts all your leads in one place and even allows you to customise it to group your leads according to their sources.

Integrate with any website

Most businesses today generate the majority of their leads from their website. Leadtrekker is a sophisticated lead management system that allows for lead management website integration. This means that Leadtrekker will automatically capture sales leads from your website so all you have to do is nurture them. Never let a lead slip through the cracks again.

Understand the value of a lead’s source

If you track the conversion rate of sales from leads generated from certain sources you should notice a pattern. Leadtrekker’s dynamic and flexible reporting will make sure of this. When Leadtrekker automatically captures sales leads it will have its source. This information should influence, if not dictate, your future marketing and business strategies. Where ever a lead may have come you will have a record of this for every client and for all of its lead sources.

This is invaluable because now with Leadtrekker you can create a single database from which to track all of your leads. This can be used to come up with the best strategy for converting leads based on comprehensive reporting.

It will save you money, time and effort because you know where your budget is best spent to generate leads. By being able to focus your efforts on sources that generate the most leads you can determine what your next business move is. Anyone in business will tell you this information can change quite literally everything. Start your free trial today and see for yourself!