The Best Affordable CRM System to Support Customer Service Reps

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Customer service reps are more often than not met with hostile and disgruntled customers when making calls. It is their job to try to solve the problem that the customer is facing and prevent the relationship from deteriorating. This is no easy feat. In most cases the frustration and anger expressed by the customer did not originate with customer support. The solution to this issue is to improve the overall customer experience by empowering customer service reps with the right tools.

Why Does a Business Need a CRM System?

According to multiple surveys:

  • 69% of consumers associate a quick response time with positive experience.
  • 28% of consumers are impressed by customer service reps that listen to, and understand, their problem.
  • 33% of consumers associate long holding times with negative experiences.
  • 29% of consumers get frustrated by constantly being transferred between different reps.

CRM systems can help companies avoid the pitfalls associated with negative experiences and improve on the aspects that create positive customer experiences.

Does Your Business Need a CRM System to Improve Customer Experience?

Customer service reps are usually the soundboards for a customer’s experience with a company. In order for customer service reps to repair and strengthen customer relations, they need information. More specifically, they need to be able to access a customer’s history with the company from their initial to their present interaction. CRM systems can provide customer service reps with the support they need to repair and strengthen customer relationships.

A CRM system:

  • Removes inconsistencies: CRM systems assist with improving communication internally and externally, ensuring that your customers are never met with conflicting information provided by employees.
  • Provides access to entire customer relationship: teams can be granted access to a centralised platform. Individuals with permission can view, edit, and add information to this platform. This allows those communicating with customers to access the customers entire history with the company, giving them a better chance of understanding the client’s problem.
  • Personalises interaction: access to the entire record of the customer’s history allows for a personalised interaction to take place. Every employee interacting with a client will be able to understand them and their problem more efficiently, which will help the client feel more understood.
  • Provides efficient activity management: CRM systems typically include reminders, automatic responses, automatic query assignments, notifications and more. This will ensure that no client is ever left waiting, resulting in a more positive experience!

The Role of CRM Systems in an Organisation

CRM systems are there to assist with lead nurturing and improve current customer relationships. All leads and customer information is available on one platform, making it easy for users to search and access information. This information includes; previous purchases, support tickets and other activities that have been done and those that still need to be taken.

South Africa’s Best Affordable CRM System

There are multiple CRM systems to choose from, each with different features. Each business is different and will therefore require different functionalities. It is up to the business to research which CRM system will best cater to their needs.

Leadtrekker is an effective and affordable CRM with many powerful features. It can be used in businesses of all sizes and will integrate seamlessly with your current platforms. With Leadtrekker, improving customer experience is simpler.

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